Ten Days Of Horror Films – Day #3: “Mutants”


Please note: Ten Days Of Horror Films is compiled into ten separate lists which identify individual genres of horror with each day in the list containing three movies: my favourite movie from that specific genre, an honourable mention, and a big ol’ loser.

Yesterday, I talked about my favourite genre based on how much fun I have while I’m watching a horror movie. Today, I’ll be talking about the only horror “characters” that actually creep me right out: “mutants”. When we’re dealing with humans that have biological abnormalities that vastly alter their appearance (either because their parents were exposed to something that caused birth defects or because two people who were too closely related decided to procreate), it’s something I find…too real. It’s both scary and fascinating to me that any life form can create something that is physically abnormal, sometimes drastically so. I’m trying to be as sensitive as possible in this matter and think that circumstances that surround this topic in reality can be troubling or tragic, but that’s a topic for another day. For now, let’s look at some “mutant” stories that are shudder inducing.


The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

This trailer doesn’t explain too much about the movie, but it’s basically a family being attacked by a gang of blood thirsty “mutants”. There is a pretty serious attack scene in this movie that I can only label as a massive trigger warning for anyone who’s thinking of watching this for the first time. That particular scene and a character introduced toward the end of the film who has a rather large appendage (if you’re thinking below the shoulders, you’re aiming too low) are what make this movie my pick for top of the “mutant” genre. I’m serious about that trigger warning, people. This is definitely a movie I would only recommend for someone who is expert level at horror.


X-Files: Season 4, Episode 2

Yes, it’s a TV show, but it’s my list, so ….please consider it, and thank you. This episode (and let’s face it, this show) is well worth the honourable mention. Maybe you think I’m crazy to choose something that aired on TV in the ’90s because surely it’s tame by today’s standards. But know this: this episode was banned from ever airing in reruns. Banned, people! That’s some serious stuff! I saw this episode back when it originally aired in 1996. Though I was only 13 or 14 at the time, I was pretty de-sensitized to most things, but my mom still loves telling the story about how disturbed I was when I saw one of the final scenes in this episode (we’ll just say someone gets pulled out from underneath a bed, and I’ve never been the same since). The subject matter is highly disturbing and it was banned; do you really need me to say anything else? Find it and watch it!


Wrong Turn 2

Put this somewhere on the mental list I have of “why did I see this?” and “what am I doing with my life?” This movie was so so bad, I cannot believe that there are six movies in this franchise. We have so many things to be ashamed of in society, and six Wrong Turn movies is one of those things. This movie has so many things working against it: 1) Henry Rollins – love him or not, tell me one thing he’s been in where his acting abilities thrived; 2) A reality show premise with “sexy” 20-somethings competing for who really cares and 3) Gore for the sake of shock value. The first Wrong Turn was pretty bearable, albeit horribly cheesy and awkward at certain points, but the second installment was a shameful fall from mediocrity down a cliff  with no ground in sight. I can’t speak on the remaining movies in the franchise, but I have to think they just get worse and should only be watched if you really want to analyze where your life is headed that you made time for these embarrassments.

As always, I’d love to know what your favourite movies in this genre are and if the “mutant” thing creeps you out as much as it does me. I’m pretty stoked about tomorrow’s list where we’ll have a little bit more fun. I hope you’ll join me again. 🙂