Ten Days Of Horror Films – Day #8: Someone’s In The House


Please note: Ten Days Of Horror Films is compiled into ten separate lists which identify individual genres of horror with each day in the list containing three movies: my favourite movie from that specific genre, an honourable mention, and a big ol’ loser.

Do you even know how hard it was for me to post that picture versus this picture when considering the title of this post? I love this genre because an intruder in the house is something that could actually happen, and you get to learn from the protagonist’s mistakes should this situation ever arise in your own life (which let’s all hope it doesn’t). My honourable mention deals with a different type of person in the house, but I find that movie to be filled with lessons on how not to be a responsible human being. If you can entertain me and teach me at the same time, you’re a regular John Keating.


Black Christmas (1974)

Can you tell from that trailer what this movie does that I’ve never seen (or more accurately heard) in any other horror films? They use the human voice to create some seriously sick audio. I don’t mean sick as in “cool”, but sick as in disturbing. Like I said about Halloween, I don’t usually like movies from the ’70s, but this one is crazy enough that it could easily put some current horror movies in their place. This movie would be creepy and brutal under normal circumstances, but it gains points by taking place at Christmas-time. Usually Christmas-time evokes feelings of happiness and togetherness, which there is in this movie; there just also happens to be a psychopath in the house with everyone. You can watch this at Halloween or Christmas. Bear in mind though that if you do watch this at Christmas, you’re going to have to answer some questions regarding your sanity.



Standing O for CCH Pounder and a Russian girl who doesn’t take crap from anyone and is super hardcore. When I talked about slasher films, I said that I don’t like people randomly getting hurt or killed for no reason. The people in this movie who get hurt, I really wanted to get hurt. Even the parents who adopt the Orphan (Esther) deserve some kind of punishment for being really bad parents. Before the end reveal in this movie, I just assumed Esther was like your average Russian (that’s not a dis to Russians, that’s a tip of the hat; I wish I was that hardcore). I almost dismissed this movie as the poor man’s The Good Son, but it’s damn good. Maybe watch both movies in a mini-marathon and let me know what you think! Just don’t watch them with your kids (if you have any) – you don’t want them to get any ideas. 😛


The Strangers

This isn’t  a total loser, but it is a semi-loser. This used to be my favourite horror movie, so if you’re shocked at its status on this list, imagine how much pride I’ve had to swallow to admit to myself that this movie is full of cracks for me. Crack #1: “Based on true events”. This term is such crap because a lot of stories that brand themselves as “true” are loosely based on something that actually happened. Like really loosely. Loose like Jupiter loaning me its belt. “Aw, thanks Jupiter, that’s a mighty kind offer. But I think your belt might be a little big for me. Sorry.” Crack #2: These idiots are in a cabin in the woods. Why? Why do people want to get away from society so badly? If there isn’t a hospital within a half hour of somewhere, I don’t want to go there. Crack #3: Their relationship is piss-poor. When Liv Tyler’s character tells her boyfriend that she saw someone wearing a mask, he dismisses it like she’s talking nonsense. I can tell you right now that if I told my husband or he told me that he saw someone in a mask, I’d be grabbing anything I could use as a weapon and my car keys and getting the hell out of here! There are so many other scenes in here that frustrate me, but I can’t divulge them without being all “spoiler alert”. I do think this movie is good and I do think it’s scary and does a great job at keeping you in suspense, but I also think it has a few weaknesses. I say see it, but just don’t watch it too closely.

Do you like your horror based in reality, or do you prefer the stories about terror that will never happen? Have you seen The Strangers? Do you see what I mean about those cracks? You just let me know. 😀