Ten Days Of Horror Films – Day #10: Favourite Potpourri

You're NextI hope no one sees this as a cop-out, but I really just wanted to talk about some good horror movies from a variety of genres.  Plus who doesn’t love a good “potpourri” category?  These are three movies I could watch over and over again and probably not tire of them.  In fact, the first one I’ve now seen five times within the last 8 months.  That might not sound like a lot, but bear in mind I do work a full time job and watch plenty of other things in my down time.  These are all phenomenal movies (in my eyes) for different reasons, and I’m sure you’ll find at least one you like out of this small pile.


You’re Next

Well it’s about dang time that there was a horror movie where the protagonists fought back.  The main character in this movie is super h-core and gave me plenty of ideas for survival in real life that I’d never thought of before.  This might be somewhat spoilerish, but she shows no mercy for the gang of killers after her and her boyfriend’s family (and in their own house – that’s just rude).  My least favourite thing about horror movies is when the protagonists think they’ve taken down their attacker(s) by simply bashing him/her over the head or shooting him/her in the stomach.  Am I the only person who would make 100% sure the person was dead?  Or at the very least, shoot them in their arms and legs so they can’t chase after me?  If that aspect of horror gets your goat, too, then this is the movie for you.  It’s wildly entertaining and fulfills my need for jerks getting their comeuppance.  Favourite horror movie of all time.

Let The Right One In

I’m just going to start by asking, did anyone else see the American version of this movie, Let Me In?  I won’t lambaste it and say it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it certainly paled in comparison to the original Swedish version.  This is a really fresh take on the vampire genre.  It came out (at least in Canada) during the whole Twilight frenzy so the last thing I wanted to see more of was vampires.  But this movie scores points for its subtlety and heart-warming story of friendship and unconditional comradery.  I’ve never seen a more innocent scene than when the main character, Oskar, is treading water and enjoying his time in the public pool.  I feel like that’s a trait you rarely see in children in movies; they usually focus on a kid who’s mature for their age or a little rapscallion or just whines a lot.  I think that because this is a foreign film (there are subtitles, but I’m sure there are dubs of it too), we see a different kind of perspective in the film making that I find very classy and the absolute perfect tone for this story.

The Collection

Leave it to Netflix to introduce me to movies I’ve never even heard of.  I watched this movie with no intentions of enjoying it, but by the time the end rolled around, I ended up rating it five stars.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t have high hopes for it in the first place that I ended up being pleasantly surprised, but I really think there’s something here.  The Collector himself has a seriously creepy mask, albeit very simplistic.  The machinery he’s developed to kill people en masse is horrifying and could seemingly only be thought up and put into fruition by a demented person.  Because he is The Collector, he also has a collection of what I can only describe as sub-humans in his home that are very troubling and disturbing in their realness.  This may not be the best movie on the block, but it’s highly entertaining and super cringe-inducing to boot.  Watch this one on Halloween night after you get home from trick or treating (read eating a bag of 125 mini chocolate bars in bed alone after you get home from work….in your pyjamas….OK, underpants).

We made it, guys!  Ten Days Of Horror Films is all over!  Thanks so much for reading any of these entries.  I’ve had fun writing them and I hope you’ve had a satisfactory time reading them.  😉  As always, leave me some feedback and let me know what your favourite horror movies are.  Or, what horror movies do you despise?  Have a good Halloween and stay safe out there!