Reviews – Dark Skies vs. Honeymoon



Hands up if you remember the 90s and how commonplace it was to see stuff about aliens on TV all the time. When I was a youngster, there were two things to be terrified of: being abducted by aliens and the Unsolved Mysteries theme song. I’m not really into the whole aliens thing as a plot device for inexplicable occurrences, but I watched Dark Skies and Honeymoon without knowing that I’d see two alien-based movies within the span of two weeks. If you can only digest one alien movie in your life, I’m about to let you know which of these two movies is better to fill your time with.

Dark Skies

The real reason I watched this film was for Kerri Russell. You can put her in anything, and I will watch it (except for Austenland, but like, come on…that thing looks like garbage). I read the synopsis which said that a woman wakes up to something standing over her bed and then her son has a seizure and madness ensues (I’m paraphrasing in case that wasn’t blindingly obvious). I thought I’d be watching something about a haunting of sorts or maybe the mom’s just going nuts, or other. When the movie started to go down the alien trail, I was going to turn it off, but I stuck it out because what else are you going to do on a rainy Sunday? Go outside? With what? Some magical device that protects you from rain drops? What sorcery are you speaking of?

Anyways, despite the Netflix write-up on this film, a woman doesn’t wake up to a figure over her bed, but the family does wake up to a bunch of whacky stuff happening in their house. Wouldn’t you know it? Aliens decided to choose someone from the family as their next experiment. The mom and dad have to find an “expert” in alien abductions who luckily was played by J.K. Simmons. I won’t watch J.K. in any ol’ movie, but I will remember him from OZ (the TV series, not the crappy movie with James Franco) losing his poop whenever someone mispronounces his name. The expert tells them they’ve been chosen by the aliens, they try to protect their house and family, that doesn’t work, something bad happens, roll credits.

It’s not as though this movie didn’t have some good scenes in it and didn’t do a good job of having me empathize with this family, it’s just that this kind of story has been told before and it’s pretty tiring. Do people really think that if aliens so advanced to have their own spaceship that can travel lightyears and search around would only be interested in abducting and probing us (especially the person who is abducted from this family)? Heck no! They’d all be like Commander Riker and play you a tune on their trombone while hitting on you. That’s how the world works, and I’ll be damned if you say otherwise. Moving on…


Man these aliens just won’t leave us humans alone! In this film, a couple is on their honeymoon (obviously, hence the title) in the middle of nowhere at the wife’s parents’ cabin. As if I haven’t said this enough on my blog, but stop going into the middle of nowhere! One night, the husband finds the wife sleepwalking out in the woods. The next morning, she’s acting all weird and frankly, pretty daft. She doesn’t add coffee to the coffee maker, so the husband just pours a glass of hot water. You can tell they’re newlyweds because he was worried rather than filled with rage that she doesn’t know how to make a dang cup of coffee.

Fast forward to the wife acting like a nutcase, having weird bumps on her legs, and the husband growing increasingly worried about his new wife. Maybe it’s the wife in me, but this movie tugged at my heart strings more than Dark Skies because where that film was about a family, this one was about a couple (which is what I am…in). I felt myself sympathizing with the husband because I know if I were acting as crazy as the wife in Honeymoon, my husband would be as concerned and worried as the dude in this movie. The husband keeps trying to figure out what happened to the wife the night that she sleepwalked and we eventually determine that aliens are involved and the husband may be in danger.

That’s as far as I can go on Honeymoon without spoiling it. As for a winner between these two films, I choose Honeymoon. I felt like the chemistry between the two actors was really believable and that made it harder for me to see a descent into unpleasantness than with the family in Dark Skies. To really finalize a winner, I would watch Honeymoon again, whereas I nodded off in Dark Skies (don’t worry, I skipped back and made sure I caught up on the one minute I fell asleep).

Have you seen either of these movies? How do you feel about greys? Do you also remember Kerri Russell from the 90s version of Mickey Mouse Club and this Bon Jovi music video?