Hey! Really simple, but here’s a chalk dusted blackboard I recently made using this super simple and awesome tutorial.

I used Photoshop Elements like the teacher in this tutorial, but I’ve honestly used tutorials for plain ol’ PS13 and have been able to translate back and forth to do stuff using PSE (just in case you click on the tutorial and be like, “Mwwaaaah! PSE! I don’t have PSE, dang it!” – I have faith that you’ll know your photo editing software well enough that you can translate for your own use). Also, the tutorial makes mention of finding brush templates but doesn’t say where she got them from. I found them right here and they’re the same ones she uses in the vid. Nice!

ANYWAYS, if you don’t have access to software, just use what I made, for free, with no watermark. I hope you like it! 🙂

UPDATE: I made a couple more blackboards to use that are now bigger (click on ’em to make them full size) and thus probably more diversified in terms of how you might use them. One is in pretty rough shape – he’s seen some things that he ponders in quiet solitude. The other has been used to teach the children for just a few years so he’s well worn, but still optimistic about the future. If you think it’s odd to apply personalities to a blackboard, well…you’re probably right. Either way, hope you find one that suits you! 😀