Techy Background/Gears & Circuits

Tech Background

Whooooa! It’s been a while since I’ve posted (I’m trying to finish off a course for work, so that eats up some of my free time…as does watching subpar movies on Netflix and getting lost down You Tube rabbit holes). Anyways, I had to come up with a “boyish” background for some marketing material at work, so I made this big background (8.5 x 14 – click on the image to make it full size) using these really kick-ass custom brushes which I found here.

I started off on this image just randomly plopping brushes here and there to test out what they looked like, but then just kept building on it until I thought it looked sufficiently “cool”.

I’d use this as a background for an invitation to a young boy’s birthday party, or if such a go-getter exists, posters to hang up at a gaming session with your chums. Sky’s the limit, though. Use however you want, free of charge with no watermark.

Happy creating!