A Kick-Ass Gift Idea

Source: i.walmartimages.com

Source: i.walmartimages.com

I have a really awesome idea for a gift that I wanted to share just in case you’d like to create it yourself.

When I was a kid, my mom would read the book Love You Forever to me a lot. I never really liked the book that much, but it meant a lot to her (obviously – it’s one of the most sentimental kids’ books ever).

My plan is to recreate this book so that it suits my mom and I. I’ll be doing illustrations that pertain to us and tweaking the story here and there to things that I actually did as a kid (i.e. I never flushed stuff down the toilet, but I did scratch some records accidentally). I know this gift will mean a lot to my mom, and I’m stoked to work on it and give it to her at Christmas.

You might think that you can’t make this on your own if you haven’t got a lot of artistic talent. Well I think that artistic talent is completely subjective. If you can draw stickmen, then you can do this same idea. Think of the gift recipient – will they really care about shading and drawing things to scale, or will they understand the sentiment behind something so meaningful and thoughtful?

I hope you try this project out for yourself some time. If you have your own kick-ass gift ideas, share them in the comments. Also…what should I make for my dad? :\ 😛