DIY Avery 5066/5266/5366 Labels

Labels = Hacked


I know. Labels. Super exciting stuff. It’s like the house-warming gift of Drano: it seems lame, but when you need it, you’ll be grateful it’s there.

For Avery’s 5066/5266/5366 labels, you can order them in a full package of white, or you can order a “variety pack” with white, red, yellow, blue, and green labels. But what if you run through one of those coloured labels faster than the others? In my office, we just ran out of the yellow ones yesterday but still have full stock on the other colours. Sure, I could order another variety pack, but they’re around $14 Canadian which is a pretty big ripoff considering I only need the yellow ones, and there are only three or four sheets of yellow in the variety pack. What’s a creative cheapskate to do? Create your own and share them online via a Dropbox link available after the jump!

Oh that’s right. Avery can take my money sometimes, but they can never take MY FREEDOM…to create my own labels, because they can take their $14 and dine in hell.

I think the easiest way to access the files for this is to put everything into Dropbox. Get these labels for yourself using this link. I made a template for each of the colours (red, blue, yellow, green) saved as GIFs, and then I saved one as a PSD file so you can go in and tweak it as you wish. Also saved in that dropbox folder is a Word document with all of the different coloured labels done. This is important because I had to do some pretty h-core manoeuvres (maneuvers) to re-size the image I made in Photoshop to be appropriate for printing the labels to be exact replicas to the Avery labels.

Again, I know I’m boring, but this is useful stuff when you find yourself out of coloured labels and too cheap to buy more! Now you can just print on the bulk of white ones you have left in that good ol’ variety pack. Wooo!

If you have any trouble with anything I’ve posted here (Dropbox doesn’t work, you can’t open files, etc.), let me know and I’ll accommodate you as best I can. Just email me at and I’ll help a brother out!