Photo Project Template


I hate to be the bearer of rough news, but with Halloween gone…Christmas is on its way. But it’s okay, because I’ve whipped up a pretty good template you can use for a photo project of your own.


Are you pretty apathetic to your parents year round, or decade round, but once in awhile pull out something super sappy to show you do honestly care, but you just don’t want to show it because your English heritage insists that you show feelings through sarcasm and dry wit? Same here. With this photo project that I’ll be giving to my dad for Christmas, I’m hoping he’ll cry tears of pride on the inside.

Obviously the image doesn’t look all that awesome with the whole “insert image here” thing going on, but let me assure you that the two pictures of me and my dad that actually exist for my personal use look awesome. For the fully editable PSD file, click here to open it from my Dropbox site. Also included in the Dropbox is the drop shadow settings for the images that you will add, respectfully named “left” and “right” for their spot on this spread. You can view the settings via the image below as well.

Image Drop Shadows

Obviously you don’t need to keep this as a project for “dad” as you can change the wording to pretty well anything you want. Just replace “dad” with “mom” or “grandpa” or on and on from there. Or change the wording altogether with something like, “Hey you! You’re SUPER!” Just in case you can’t open the font I’ve used, it is called H&B Sketch and can be found right here.

I think that about covers it. If I missed something, please let me know. You can email me at and I’ll try to work something out for you. 🙂

Happy creating…and ….Debbie Downer says that as of today, there are 53 days until Christmas. 😐