Blade Runner Inspired 2016 Calendar

Calendar Thumbnail


I’m a cheapskate, so I was on the hunt yesterday to see if Word had any calendar templates available that I could just print instead of throwing down $10 or $5 on a 2016 calendar for my home. Well, there were templates available, but I didn’t really like any of them. A person can really only see so many pictures of mountains and trees before they find themselves a bit bored of nature’s glory. 😛 So I whipped up a pretty awesome Blade Runner inspired calendar which you can have for your very own!

I think the easiest way to nab the calendar is to access my Dropbox folder named “Blade Runner 2016 Calendar”. There’s a Word and PDF version available, so if you have Word, you can tweak the fonts as necessary, or add in any appointments you have coming up and print out month to month, or print them all off like I did and hang the pages from a nice little nail in the wall. Observe:

Calendar Hung

And just in case you don’t have the appropriate fonts loaded to open the calendar in Word, the numbers on the calendar are Arkitech Medium, the days are Made In China, and the month and year are Blade Runner.

I would be remiss in not talking about the amazing artists on display in this calendar. Because I want to give credit where it’s due, I made sure to note each artist’s name directly under their corresponding picture on the calendar, but if you want to check out their work, I thought it best to list the artists and link to their sites because they truly deserve all of the recognition for this calendar creation.

January, February, May, June, July: Syd Mead – This man has been alive for 82 years which means a massive portfolio and finely honed illustration skills. Syd created the concept art specifically for Blade Runner, so really this calendar wouldn’t exist without him! I might just have to look into getting his educational DVD series, The Techniques of Syd Mead. I have 50 years until I’m his age (if I’m lucky) meaning if I start now, I might get on par with him before my inevitable demise. Take a look at “Future Bugatti“or “USSteel” for some genuinely unique takes on the future from the perspective of someone drawing in the 1960s.

March: Darek Zabrocki – You ever look at someone’s art and wonder, “What have I done with my life?!?!” Yeah, prepare to be humbled (unless you are at his or any of the artists on this list’s calibre of skills). He does a lot of concept art for games and his work covers sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. He has a long list of major clients, has been drawing since he was three-years-old, and probably levitates because I’m just not worthy. I’m diggin’ “Predator’s Smile” (how could I not?), “Little Red Hood (Hunter)“, and “Bridge In The Fog“.

April: Andreas Rocha – What an impressive portfolio! His work includes cityscapes, fantasyscapes, and some tongue-in-cheek dark content that I love! All of his work looks like it would take me a year or more to do, and I’m insanely jealous of his skills. I recommend “Evil Returns“, “Under My Bed“, and “Blue Abyss” to whet your dark appetites!

August: Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe – What a beautiful gallery full of dark, intricate land and cityscapes both in the future and past. He has some Star Wars inspired work that is amazing and super topical for the moment. Check out the pieces “Gateway – Calandia District” and “Rebellion of Stars – Starship Blackbeard” if you’re into cyberpunk or Mass Effect.

September: Saul Espinosa – Apparently Saul and I have the same vision for the future: dark, sterile cityscapes with clean-lined architecture and plenty of symmetry. His work focusses on the sci-fi genre but peppers in some fantasy and present day landscape pieces for good measure. I’m all over the almost pitch-blackness in “Interior“.

October, December: Feng Zhu – Dang. This dude has his very own school of design in Singapore. Since I live nowhere near there, I intend to fully take advantage of the school’s free video tutorials. Heck yeah! Feng does oodles of concept art for film and games and whether it’s in black and white or full colour, it’s all mind blowing. He has pieces dedicated to cyberpunk, fantasy, traditional, and then work that is everything rolled into one. Just hop onto his gallery page and scroll downward into awesomeness.

November: Mikhail Akimov – Leave some talent for the rest of us! Yeesh! Just look at Mikhail’s piece “Sector 8. Upper Level“. That is a gorgeous piece. His profile on DeviantArt is fairly small, but it looks like he put miles of effort into each piece. He blends sci-fi and cyberpunk into beautiful illustrations that all seem to have a glow to them. There must be something in the water over in Europe that helps churn out exceptionally talented artists. Where do I find this water and how much is it?

Well, we certainly went from casual calendar to nerding the heck out over artists. Do you have any artists whose style you love and wish to emulate? Did you keep the pictures I put into the calendar, or did you get some of your own?

As always, any questions can be sent to me directly at Thanks for reading!