Congratulations Card

Congratulations Card


Congratulations! You’re a winner! What’d you win? This congratulations card! Whooooooooooooa! You’re probably looking at this image and thinking there’s not much to it. Well, you would be right. But it honestly took me almost two hours to finish this. I started with a white background, but then hated it so made it dark blue. The font and sparkles were intended to be silver, but then I hated how that all looked after going through around 50 different brushes to get the sparkly confetti effect that I wanted. I just really didn’t want to do a gold themed piece yet again, but here we are. Gold looks good on white, and if I just saved you two hours by putting my own research into this, well then I suppose this card is for me. Congratulations, Hanna! Oh, thank you, Hanna. I graciously accept.

Anyways, maybe this card will be useful for you! You can find the PSD and JPG files in my Dropbox under the folder name “Congratulations Card”. The font is Coneria Script which you can find on It’s 5 x 7 which I hope isn’t a problem for anyone. After printing the card for myself, it was a decent size, so I think this will work for everyone. You might be wondering how you properly trim this card to size if you print it on letter sized paper/cardstock because the white background does create some issues with trying to find the edges. Well, just draw yourself a thin line at the top and bottom and right side of the image either on your computer when you open this file or with some pencil when you print it off. Bingo bango – the card will be the size it ought to be. 🙂

As always, let me know if this image worked for your own project. Any questions or ways I can help you, leave me a comment or email me at 😀

Here’s a new feature to my site…noting what music I’m listening to when I post. Today’s post was made with music stylings by  Lil’ Troy and his album Sittin’ Fat Down South, released in 2000. I recommend the track “Small Time“…forget “Wanna Be A Baller”, “Small Time” is where it’s at. 😛