Sports Garlands – Soccer Garlands Now Included!

Sports Garlands Collage


EDIT: I added some soccer garlands after the original date of this post. Someone was kinda bummed that I didn’t have soccer garlands, and I’ll admit, I was bummed in myself. I did try to make the soccer garlands back when I first made all of these garlands, but it was really difficult! I couldn’t get everything even like I wanted, and still with the ones I did make, I had to shape them into circles to make things symmetrical. Hopefully these meet with your approval and are of some use to someone! 🙂

First things first: I did not at all plan for that collage above to look like the garland was in one big snake, but would you look at how that worked out. Pardon me while I pat myself on the back.

Closeups Collage


EDIT: Soccer Garland Addition! 🙂

I have to admit that this isn’t an idea that came out of my own head, but I saw some football garlands on Pinterest that were perfect for an upcoming event at my work. I kept looking for more ball themed garland templates, but everything was about football. So when something doesn’t exist (or I’m maybe just not tenacious enough to suss them out), I make my own stuff and then share it with you!

PDF Collage


EDIT: Soccer Garland Addition!

You can access the InDesign and PDF files through my Dropbox. Three “rings” print on each page with a small border left on either side to accommodate printers that don’t print close to the edge of paper. The football and basketball design have two pages so if you want the garlands to have the design on the front with the colour of the ball on the back, you’ll print those two guys double-sided. Baseballs are white though, so you only need to print one-sided for those ones. 🙂 The baseballs also have lines around the design so that you know where to cut in a straight line.

I created the footballs and basketballs with noise distortion on the colour so that it looks like the texture of the real balls. However, that didn’t really show up on my printer which was a bummer, but if you have an awesome printer, that should show up. I can’t guarantee that your printer will print the colours true to the file, so you can always convert the PDFs to JPG and open in Photoshop and tweak the colour, or just use the InDesign files I’ve provided to do that same thing. To cut these out, I used a ruler and box cutter to get a straight line. Props to you if you have an awesome paper trimmer to do the cutting work for you – I’m jealous!