Flowers & Quotes



My husband’s mother’s birthday is coming up, so I had an idea to get her some kind of art print that had a nice quote on it. I shopped around one store (because I hate shopping so that was enough for me) that had a bunch of different prints with quotes, but only one quote stuck out to me that would be relevant for her: “Bloom where you are planted”. But alas, the photos that went with that quote just weren’t doing it for me. So what’s a person to do who has access to Photoshop? DIY!

I purchased a 4 x 6 frame from the store I was at and got to work on creating a 4 x 6 print to fit in the frame. The above is what I came up with. And if you want it, it’s all yours, for free, with no watermark. You can find the PS and JPG file in my Dropbox.

If you want to make something like this yourself, here’s how I did it. I got a picture of a pink peony from an image search. If you like that peony, this is the one I used. I pasted that picture into PS and left it at 100% transparency (I fiddled with the transparency and made it pretty light which looked way better on-screen than when I printed it off). Then I had to do the font. The font I chose is Valencia Sans which you can find right here for free download. Now the font had to have a gold shimmer to it, so I used this tutorial to learn how to make my font shiny and gold! I went through a couple of options for the gold including gold foil, gold sparkles, and finally gold metallic lamé fabric which worked a charm, I think. You can find the gold lamé fabric swatch I used right here. I moved the gold around until I found a sweet spot where all of the letters have a bit of sheen on them and aren’t shadowed.

Finally, you may wonder why I changed the quote from “bloom where you are planted” to “bloom wherever you are planted”. Well, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like “wherever” is a lot less dictatorial and final than just “where”. That might be my passive nature showing, but it just felt better to use “wherever”. What do you think?

I’d love to hear how this print works for you and if you think it’s all sorts of lovely. I hope my husband’s mom likes it. 😀 Leave me a comment below and let me know if you want to see more of these kinds of prints from me. I’m honestly thinking of doing a bunch of them, but we’ll see if I decide that’s a good idea or not…because they will not all be quotes as nice as this (and now out comes my aggressive nature). 😛

Thanks for reading and happy creating!