Sparkly Thank You

Thank You Gold


Well hey! I feel like it’s been a wee spot since I posted anything, but I’ve just been unusually hectic lately. I blame work. Thanks a lot work! Thanks so much that I made you a card just for keeping me busy…and it’s sparkly! The 90s kid in me just squealed with glee at all that glitter. 100% used to have glitter gel for my hair, glitter gel for my eyes that I would wear EVERY day, and then just plain ol’ glitter that I’d put onto my eyelids in addition to white eyeliner. What I’m saying is, I was insanely attractive in my teen years. Boys were knocking down my door…to do their homework. Oooo, I’m hearing crickets. The audience did not like that sad admission.

ANYways, I made this really simple thank you card for something I can’t even remember now, but it was work related. You can find the JPG and PS files in my Dropbox. I used the font Valencia Sans which I feel is everywhere right now in one form or another. But something I’ve learned from working in a marketing position is that people like what’s already popular. They like it a lot. Wingdingy type thingys are also popular, and luckily you need no skill to do those little scrolls on the card. All you need is the font Bergamot Ornaments which is super useful for all things scrolly when you find yourself in need of some pepper on something you’ve created. To get the gold font, I followed this useful tutorial which I also used on my Flowers & Quotes project. The gold image I used is right here, but you can use whatever works for you. Maybe go off the rails and use…silver?! Blasphemy! 🙂

I hope this image works for you and you’re sending a thank you to someone right now! As always, let me know if you found this useful by leaving a comment below or emailing me at

Thanks for reading and happy creating!

This post made possible by the musical stylings of DMX and his song Stop Being Greedy. You listen to a few DMX songs on You Tube and you eventually end up at this Nas and Puff Daddy abomination. And I used to like this song, but dang. Puff Daddy…no. At least he’s focussed most of his energy in the last 10 years to changing his name over and over instead of “producing”. Burn, Diddy! Burn. 😛