Fireworks Invitation



Resist the urge to start singing that Katy Perry song, Hanna. Just don’t do it. You don’t even like Katy Perry, and you really dislike that song, but dang it if this image doesn’t just invoke that horrible song.

This is an image I recently made for an invitation to a gala. Interestingly enough, the same gala last year is where my 1920s/Gatsby invitation came from. I know the fireworks somewhat pale in comparison, but who doesn’t love some sparklies in the sky? To get the image and the PSD file, check out the Fireworks folder in my Dropbox. If you want to make this image yourself or something very close to it, it was pretty easy. You just start with a black background, put your fireworks onto a new layer so you can add noise to them and a couple of diamond gradients, and then you call it a day. I got the fireworks brushes by downloading them from right here. If you use these yourself, you’ll notice that some of them tend to look more like a fluffy dandelion than a firework, but using the noise effect on them makes them look a lot better. I used a noise effect because if you’ve ever watched fireworks, they tend to not be solid lines as they trail through the sky while cascading downward. Attention to detail? I give myself an A+. 😛 For a really simple tutorial on how to add a radial gradient, use this video. You might wonder why the fireworks are all the same boring colour, but I tried using different colours and this one just worked best for adding text over top. When I added text, I simply drew a black rectangle over top of the image and applied a 65% transparency to the rectangle and then put all of my light coloured text inside (just in case you wondered how you might add text yourself).

I hope this image gives you some inspiration for an event where you could use these pretty fireworks for an invitation of sorts. Canada Day and Independence Day are coming up, I’m just saying! I did miss Chinese New Year, though…my bad. Let me know if this image worked for you and if you’re up to it, drop me an email at and show me how you used it for yourself! Or you can always leave me a comment below to say you loved this or hated it. I’m open to all feedback! 😀

This post was made possible by Cancer Bats and their song Satellites. Why? Because if I’m going to watch a music video with fireworks, it’ll be this one. Just a bunch of dudes shooting roman candles at each other. I’ve always really wanted to do that but have been way too scared that somehow the roman candle would explode and then I’d be missing fingers for the rest of my life. It just occurred to me that roman candles might be known as something different in other parts of the world. That’s fascinating if that’s the case! I wonder what they’re called elsewhere. They’re the fireworks that you normally stick into the ground and they shoot off bursts of colour every few seconds. Let me know if those are called something else where you’re from. I love that certain things have different names around the world – that’s so fun!

Thanks for reading and happy creating!