Superhero Party Decor

Welcome Banner 1.00 copy


Here I am, at the beginning of this post, knowing this will take a good chunk of time to put together and I’m not looking forward to it. But it means that you’ll get some kick-ass templates, so it’s worth it!

OK, flash forward to five days later and finishing up some serious editing on that lead image, and it’s now time to get into this. For the sake of disclosure, I didn’t edit the banner itself, but I did have to remove the entire background of tobacco stained ceiling tiles at the local bowling alley and replace with those nice white planks. As far as a reading on the pain-in-the-ass scale, I’d say that was about a 6 out of 10. But enough chat – let’s get to the templates and ideas.

Pennants 2 Copies

We’ll start with the pennants you see in the “Welcome Superheroes” image up top. In total I created three templates with the comic backgrounds already in the triangles. You can find the files for these in my Dropbox formatted as JPGs or INDD (InDesign) named Pennants 1, 2, or 3. If you really want to make some of these from scratch, I also saved the comic book page images in that same Dropbox folder named Comic Page and the respective comic from where they originated. The pennant triangles are 5.25″ wide by 6.06″ long. I don’t want to get long-winded so if you go the from scratch route, just make your triangles and then put the comic page image behind the shape. Use this helpful video to find out how to do that in Photoshop, and this video for an InDesign tutorial.

Now we have to get those starburst shapes on top that have the letters on them.

Starbursts Group

You can find that whole cluster of starbursts in my Dropbox along with the single image in GIF form. But what font should you use for some perfect superhero text? I recommend SF Wonder Comic which is bubbly, bold, and can be whatever colour you want them (yay!). To get them to pop off of the burst, I used a drop shadow with the following dimensions: 90° shadow, .0625 distance, 100% spread, 100% opacity, and .075 size. Lost? It’ll make way more sense when you open drop shadow options in PS or ID. Or, you can just tinker away and find the result that works best for you. 🙂 Last note on the text: for the pennant image above, the text was 165pt which lets all of the letters fit right inside those starbursts.

To get all of the pennants and starbursts together, cut the shapes out with scissors or employ my favourite method of ruler and X-acto knife or box cutter. Now I went somewhat far with these pennants and decided that just mounting the bursts to the pennant wasn’t enough. No, no! I chose to mount the bursts using paper springs (find a short tutorial for those here). Two springs were used behind each burst to help them super pop off of the pennant. I used scotch tape the entire way through and it held up perfectly fine. But if you have a hankering to use your hot glue gun, go wild!

To hang your pennants, you’ll punch two holes into either side of the top of the triangle and simply string a ribbon through the back of the holes. So simple!

Now, how about a nice little piece of table flair?


I used the same comic pages that were used in the pennants inside of the vases. Because everyone will have different vases, I can’t help you out with measurements for each page except to offer that you measure each side (all four just in case one side is smaller than the other despite being parallel to one another) and from top to bottom on all sides, and then trim to the proper size. This is where you get to have some fun with trial and error because you might have to keep trimming to get the size just right. 😀 If you have a circular vase, get out some string or dental floss and wrap around the vase, then measure that string against a ruler after you’ve unfurled it.

Once you’ve got the paper in the vase, fill it with some paper shreds or paper Easter grass so the vase can hold onto those wonderful poms! For the POW! graphics, go to my Dropbox where you will also find BOOM! and BAM! stars. You will have to toy around with the size of those images to work for the pom that you create. Let’s talk about those poms. You can find a tutorial on how to make them right here. Did you watch the tutorial? Doesn’t it look easy? Well guess what? It may be easy, but it’s also very time consuming. And even with the most gentle of hands, you’re probably going to tear some bits of tissue paper along your way. If there’s one thing I can say about these poms, after making just six of them – NEVER AGAIN! If you have a craft store near you that sells these things already made, just spend the money on them because your time is more valuable than the investment you’ll put into making some poms. Seriously. If there’s something I really don’t want to do, I will say, “I’d rather make poms than go to that work acquaintance’s baby shower!” Just the worst. Trust me.

But, let’s say you take that time or you find yourself with poms. All I did was hot glue them to two bamboo skewers that were taped together with black tape. Or if you don’t have a glue gun, use a rubber band when you make your poms as the tie in the middle and then use the rubber band to tie the pom to the skewer. Hot tip right there. But seriously, don’t make poms.

From there, you plop your pom sticks into the vase that is now filled with shredded paper or Easter grass, and you’re good to go!

Let’s make a table mat now, because you know party animals isn’t just a fun term but a reality!

Table Mat1

This is pretty easy. All you do is find a huge ass image, print it off, tape it to poster board (I went from top to bottom on the whole piece of board so that you have a slippery surface that you can just wipe off versus the poster board absorbing a big hunk of salsa or an entire can of soda), and then tape that board to a plastic tablecloth. Done and done. You might be thinking, “But wait, how do I print off something as big as a poster board? I’d need a huge printer!” Fear not! You can print on multiple letter or legal sized pages using MS Paint. Yes, MS Paint! It’s not just for horrible image editing anymore! 😛 This article explains how to do it which is SO helpful for those of us who don’t have access to a gigantic printer.

I don’t have any template stuff saved for this in Dropbox because you can use whatever image you want which you can find using a Google image search. There are oodles of large images available of whatever you want, even if it’s not a superhero.

Are you still with me? I’m just wrapping up the first hour of working on this post itself. But we’re at the end with the final idea for the party. Ceiling hangers!

Ceiling Hangers1

Do you see that stained ceiling tile? Now you know why I spent so much time editing the lead image because that shiz looks pretty gross. This bowling alley I swear has not been redecorated since I was a kid, so it (like me) is a little worse for wear. 😛

These ceiling hangers are pretty easy to make. I bought some Happy Birthday ceiling hangers from the dollar store and decided to get crafty with it and scotch tape what I wanted over the Happy Birthday sign. You can find the templates for all of these (ZAP, BAM, BOOM) in my Dropbox as Ceiling Hanger and then whichever star name you choose. If you want to from scratch it, the circle size is 7.5″ high x 6.5″ wide. Once you print off what you want, cut around the circle using scissors. There is a border on the circle so you know where to cut. 🙂

Uh oh. I lied. There’s one more thing that I did for this party. A photo booth backdrop.

City Silhouette Sign1.jpg

I had to blank out where the event took place, you know, since I kinda h-core bashed their decor. My bad. I also took out the logo that was at the end of the skylight because it’s my work’s logo and, ya know, privacy.

For this, I taped together two blue poster boards (as if you can’t clearly see the seam, amirite?). Then I found a suitable city silhouette image online and printed that off as the inspiration for this skyline. At first, I started to draw the image onto two black poster boards using a pencil…but then I just free handed it using no outline and just an X-acto knife because I’m a rebel like that. To me, it was pretty easy, but for someone with no experience on seeing an image and being able to copy it onto your own piece of paper, this might be somewhat difficult. Just be patient because really, it’s only straight lines so it could be worse.

To get those fancy windows, I used plain ol’ post it notes. Some I cut to suit the size I wanted and just winged it on placement and spacing. I mean, you could pull out a ruler and make sure everything is even, but let’s get real; no one is going to be judging a backdrop all that harshly. Or at least, I hope they don’t. Meh, you don’t need friends like that anyways. 🙂

The moon at the top right corner is just a moon image I got online and printed off, then cut out and glued to the board. The writing at the top is printed across three sheets of letter sized paper that I created in MS Word. I then mounted that paper to some black poster board and cut a 1″ border around the entire thing using a ruler and X-acto knife. I did draw the border with pencil before cutting because I’m not a complete madman.

Then (honestly, this is the post that never ends), I used gold glitter glue to put some little stars in the sky. And lastly, the light in the sky was created using yellow tissue paper which I glued to the board. Be careful when doing this because if press the tissue down too hard at some points, the blue board will show through the tissue paper making it look less like a light in the sky and more like….tissue paper….glued….onto…blue poster board. Then you cut out your logo which will be printed in black and paste that onto the circular part of the light in the sky. I feel like Bob Ross right now doing a Joy of Painting show. Like, yeah great, I’ll just use the fan brush and look! There’s a tree! Cha right, B. Ross! No lie – this backdrop was time consuming and if you can find one pre-made at a store..GO FOR IT WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!

Finally, we’re at the end. I hope you got some good ideas from this post for your own partay. You can use whatever theme you want for a lot of these things, so that’s super handy. And now you have the templates you need to have your own superhero party! Huzzah!

If you have any questions at all, or need me to email you the templates, reach me at, or leave a comment below. Thanks for sticking it out with me!