Pastel…Watercolour? Marble, maybe?

Pastel Marble Flowers


I’ll admit it. I have an issue with naming my posts. But really…what would you call that image? It looks like when you put a few drops of colour onto paper and then use a straw to blow the colours into one another. So maybe it’s like blended colour? Blended water colour marbleized (ew, really, that’s how that’s spelt?) fantasmical…thing? Ugh, get to the point, Hanna.

It’s been a long while since I posted, and that simply boils down to not doing any kind of creative stuff at work that I can share online. But I was asked to make a thank you card for someone, so I saw that as an opportunity to get all kinds of creative and make this super ethereal background.

Pastel Marble Background Only

I started with a blank 5 x7 slate in Photoshop and though I looked for a “how to do a watercolour effects” tutorial, I just winged it. You will get a really good idea of what exactly I did by checking out the PSD file which is in my Dropbox. I just used a standard circular brush and plopped down that light turquoise in the bottom left and top right corners. I then used Gaussian Blur at its maximum and Radial Blur (both found under Filters>Blur) until the colours were blurred into oblivion. I made a different layer for all of the colours (three in total: magenta pink and royal blue in addition to the turquoise) and just kept applying the blur to each layer until I came up with something I liked. If you find that one colour is too overpowering, just pop down your transparency until you get the desired result. 🙂

If you’re happy with that background, super duper! But if you want to add flowers…

Pastel Marble Flowers

…here’s the brush I used. Man, that is the art world’s best kept secret from the general populace. Brushes are such a lifesaver! I put the flowers on the existing layers I had, but put each of them onto a different colour’s layer so it wasn’t just white on top of everything. And yes, I applied a different transparency to each flower silhouette. Again, just tweak until you find something that you like. You can access the PS file right here so you can see exactly what I did.

Then because it’s a thank you card, I added in the Thank You.

Pastel Marble Flowers Grainy Text

I used this text in white and bolded. I then applied a Noise filter to get the somewhat rainbow snow-like effect on the letters. I also used a drop shadow which I made a dark lavender colour and turned the transparency down to a shadow that says, “Hey, I’m here, but I’m not obnoxious about it.” Ugh, I’m 100% thinking about Snookie from Jersey Shore right now, when she came into the house and said, “PARTY’S HERE!” Like whoa, you can be in a place, but yeesh, keep it down ya ruffian. 😛 Better to be a ruffian than a person who admits they watched every season of Jersey Shore though, amirite? I hate myself.

If you’re not a fan of the static looking text, I also made it in plain white.

Pastel Marble Flowers White Text

I used the grainy text in my final product because…it just felt right. Ha ha! It looks like so:

Thank You Card Image

Bear in mind the following while looking at that shot: 1) I suck at photography; 2) the printer I use is a massive Xerox jalopy which is a laser printer which doesn’t capture colours as well as inkjet; 3) pretty sure the camera’s exposure is CRANKED because we normally use the camera indoors at low light. But I still think that looks pretty cute. And I’m glad the white border makes the card look somewhat sharp. It’s not at all there because the text I put inside the card somewhat overlapped the image meaning I had to leave that white border. No, no. Not at all.

For all of the files, head to my Dropbox. It’s all in the folder named “Pastel Watercolour”.

I hope you enjoyed this. As always, use it however you want and if you make something out of the template yourself, I’d love to see it! Thanks for reading. 😀