A Gentleman’s Thank You

Macho Thank You - Image Only

Before you read further, let me know if you want me to change “thank you” into anything else and send the image to you. I’d be happy to help you out! hkramer2014@gmail.com


I had to whip up a thank you card for a summer student who was working at my office during the summer. In case you couldn’t tell from that uber masculine themed card, the student was a young chap. My husband has told me that leaning hard on moustache images is the way to any man’s heart, so what better send off to the student than his very own moustachioed thank you card?

Although I created the tie and thank you portion myself, the moustache is from this site (aka the first site found on an image search), just in case you want to get it for yourself for something else.

I made the image in InDesign, and as is probably obvious, the tie is just a solid black line and two triangles smacked into each other with a thin grey outline to get that somewhat shadow effect. The “thank you” is made by drawing a circle and then using the Type On A Path tool. I’m currently looking for a concise tutorial to share with you how that’s done, but I can’t find one. If you are new to InDesign and need a quick how-to, what you do is draw a circle or any shape, then right-click the T (text) tool to select “Type On A Path”, click where you want the text to show up and then go from there. You’ll drag the start and finish points of the text using the white arrow found on your tools bar, and if you need to bring up options to flip the text or centre it, go to Type in the top menu and find Type on a Path and then Options. Then you tinker around until you get something you like! 🙂

For those who just want the image, click the links above to get them from Dropbox or Drive. I made the file in InDesign, PDF, and JPG. There are two JPG files – one for the whole card as you would print it, and the other is just the plain image in case you want to copy and paste it somewhere. I named the folder Manly Thank You For Men Who Are Manly Men because I think this card is pretty silly and deserves a silly name.

As always, use however you want and if you need to find me for anything, I’m right here at hkramer2014@gmail.com.

This post made possible by a 2000s alt-rock playlist on YouTube that is now just playing only Linkin Park. Well I don’t wanna thank Linkin Park. Who’s next on the playlist? Nirvana!? No, I’m not thanking them, either. Who else we got? Paramore? Eminem? Three Doors Down? Katy Perry? Avril Lavigne? Come on! What rabbit hole of suck did I just fall down? YouTube, you’re not listening! 😛