Late Summer Sunset Thank You Card



I seem to be doing a lot of thank you cards lately, which is good because there’s never really a bad time to say thank you to someone! (There totally is a bad time to say thank you to people…like “thanks for NOTHING!”. Might be a good release for you, but not necessary in polite society). 😛

This card was super easy to make. It’s all done in Photoshop and requires just three layers. The first layer is this image…


…which I found here. The great thing about that site is that all of the images can be used commercially for free, and the images are all really high res! I found that site through a master post here that lists 21 sites with free stock photos. If you do happen to look through all of the sites listed in that post, you’ll find that at times there are duplicates of images (which is of course bound to happen), but there are lots of really great images to choose from that are luckily FREE!

Whew! Sorry. Got lost on a tangent of free stuff there. The second layer in the image is what I would call a beginning of a storm cloud grey-blue. I wanted something that was really close to white, but had some kind of colour to it to help complement the sunset in the background. This required me just opening the blue colours and going lighter and lighter until I got what I think is a good match for the sky in the photograph.

Finally, the text layer which is this text right here. I wanted something that was somewhat cursive, but not in the way we keep seeing brush stroke cursive around, lately.


Seems that one font (Bakery or something just like it) I’m thinking about right now is everywhere which means that I don’t want to use it anymore because I’d rather be outside of the box than in it. Incoming Dad joke re: being in a box – You ever see those mimes trapped in boxes? They don’t seem very happy. They’re confused and bewildered and they can’t get out! Wocka wocka wocka!

To blend the font with the sunset so the font becomes the sunset, follow this super simple tutorial which I’ve posted in my other blogs because I’m apparently a one-trick pony when it comes to finding something cool that is super easy to do.

Finally, I used several subtle grunge brushes to create that splatter type effect on the top of the blue. I wanted something that gave the blue texture and also allowed for the pretty sunset to peek through. I feel it’s made the whole thing look like a robin’s egg, which is great since it all sticks to the theme of outdoors and nature and prettiness. I really wish I could provide a link to the brush download I used, but I DLd it last year and can’t find it online. I’m so sorry for that. But a quick internet search for “subtle brush” or “subtle grunge” brush yields plenty of similar results for free brush downloads that will add that little bit of grunge to anything you create.

You can find the Photoshop file so you can make your own alterations by clicking the links above to my Dropbox or Drive folders. In those folders is also the plain ol’ JPG and the sunset image if you happen to want it for something else…maybe a different kind of card based on this brief tutorial? Hmmm?

As always, enjoy the image and use however you want, watermark free. If you need any assistance, email me at

This post made possible by this oh so smooth jazz playlist. Because when you’re at work and you’ve run out of lectures to listen to on headphones, this is one of the best options. 🙂