Gatsby/1920s Invitation Removed


Well hey! Just a quick update for any regulars to my site. I removed the Gatsby/1920s invitation template at the request of the original creator, Pretty With Ink Invites. It was made clear in my post with the invitation template that it wasn’t my own content, and I honestly thought that it came from a site called “Dwell Beautiful”. I thought that they might eventually contact me to ask me to take the invitation down, so much so that the annotation I put on their link was “Thanks Dwell Beautiful! Holla At Me If You Want Me To Take This Down.” That site (Dwell Beautiful) doesn’t have a link to the original creator’s page, so I thought it was from them up until I got notification from Pretty With Ink that they want me to take down the template I made based on their design.

For anyone else in the same boat as me where you make things but don’t make any profit from them, what are your own thoughts on this situation? If a person somewhere really likes the cover art on an album or they are learning to draw in the same art style as their favourite artist and puts some of their own inspired pictures on their own blog or any social media site, just as a means to share with others and not for profit, does that person get into the sticky situation of copyright infringement, too? I’m not saying either side is right or wrong in this situation; I just wonder where the lines are drawn.

For my own situation, I’ve taken down the page in question as requested and removed it from my Pinterest page as well (the only two places you can find me). I’m sorry this print isn’t available through me anymore, but you can find it here for a very reasonable price (and I’m saying that after seeing the price with the American to Canadian exchange rate, so you KNOW it’s good!).

Thanks for reading!