I Have A Marketing Idea


Image courtesy of blogging4everyone.info

Before you delve into wasting several minutes of life, I have not tested this idea and I don’t even know if it’s good or bad. BUT, I have sat in on several marketing seminars and webinars in the last few years, and I’ve yet to hear this idea put into the world…so here goes.

I had a dream five or more years ago that I was sitting at a bus stop. This girl with really nice hair who was well dressed walked by and was doing shampoo commercial worthy hair flips to show off her nice hair. There was a man beside her who noticed that I and the other people at the bus stop were looking at the girl, so he said, “Want shiny hair? Use Sunsilk everyday for glossy hair.” Yes, Sunsilk is a real shampoo, but I haven’t seen it in stores for close to a decade. You know it’s a dream when product placement is happening for something you haven’t even seen or thought about for tons of years.

Much like flying cars, I can’t believe that advertising as invasive as my dream isn’t everywhere. It honestly seems like a no-brainer with things like DVRs making commercials easy to skip through and browser add-ons like AdBlock literally blocking net surfers from seeing any ads, wouldn’t the next obvious step be living, breathing, interactive advertisements?

Now how can you put this to work for yourself? I thought of a couple of examples that you can choose to put into practice or just call me a nutcase and carry on with your life.

1.) Let’s say you’re a hair stylist and you want to get some more business for yourself at your current salon or you’re trying to open your own salon at home and take in some clients. Do your hair (or if you don’t have a good amount of hair to work with, someone else’s hair) in the most elaborate, fancy way possible. I’m talking crazy colours and a really good style. Go anywhere that you’ll be seen. Ride public transit for a day, go to a beauty store (like Sally’s or Ulta) and wander the aisles for a few hours. You’re very likely to have someone comment on your hair – it happens all the time to people who have elaborate hair styles. Then you tell them, “Oh, this ol’ thang? I did it myself!”, hand them a card, and bam! New customer.

2.) You might be a graphic designer or artist who doesn’t know how to get your work out there. This might be a bit tougher for real world practice, but what I would do is get a bunch of t-shirts with my custom print on them. I mean, Wal Mart will put prints on shirts now, so it’s only a Wal Mart away. Now you’ll have to think about where to go to market your art on your shirt. Think about who your art would appeal to. Are there any conventions coming up that might be hosting people interested in your art style? Or are there stores in your area that appeal to your market? If you’re into drawing comics, go to a comic convention or comic book store. Sci-fi artist? Sci-fi convention. Or maybe you’re into creating or painting miniatures. Consider going to a Magic competition and trying to market yourself there. You could offer to make a customized character for someone and give them a wicked deal. Whatever gets your stuff out there!

3.) Holy cow. Never underestimate a bumper sticker. Honestly. When you’re at a red light, those things are like a magnet to your bored eyes. Even if the bumper sticker doesn’t apply to your interests, you will look at them. Anecdote: I was behind a car last week with stickers praising EDM and country music. I looked at them in disdain, knew I would never be friends with the driver of that car…but the point is, I looked at them and I remember them! This is so handy for things you’re trying to market that aren’t tangible. Like if you’re a mechanic, it’s pretty hard to show people that you fix cars well. So bumper sticker it up!

I feel like it goes without saying, but before you go out there and market yourself, make a website or social media page. If someone handed me a card for their business and I was interested in them, first thing I’d do is see if they have a site with more information (pricing, location, hours, etc.). If I look into something and they don’t have that kind of introductory information somewhere online, I don’t pursue their business any further. I’m sure I’m not alone, so don’t lean solely on your living advertisements out in the world.

I dunno guys. I think this is a pretty good idea. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried anything like this before and have feedback on whether or not it’s a good idea or bad idea. I’d love to know!