Hanna Updates


That post title. You see, because “updates” rhymes with “creates” (in a world called My Mind).

It’s been a really good chunk of time since I’ve posted anything, so I just wanted to let anyone who follows me know that I’m still kickin’ around and have some plans on the horizon for more stuff to add to my site. I just purchased a new laptop which will hopefully arrive this week for me (fingers/toes/eyes crossed!). I’m hoping to get the Adobe Creative Cloud on the laptop so I can start utilizing my newly acquired Illustrator skills (anyone out there use Illustrator? That program is AWESOME!) and maybe, just maybe create a Gatsby inspired invitation template like the one that so many people saw before I took it down (click here to see the deal with that).

Anyways, I’ll be back shortly with some more creative stuff for you to use! Until then, keep fit and have fun!