Summer Themed Invitation

Flower Graphic


Here’s a nifty little invitation I made for a summer gathering at my work. I got the inspiration for this design from Designspiration, a really handy website for when you’re lacking inspirado and just looking for some ideas. I searched for “summer” and really dug this design so made it work for the summerscape common to where I live. I got the picturesque image from Stocksnap (free stock photos – holla!). I then used the site Coolors for the foreground colour. On Coolors, you can input ANY colour and it will auto generate multiple complementary colour schemes for you. I just used my eyedropper in Photoshop to select the colour of the trees in the background (so the mid corner of what you can see), found out what the colour’s number was and went to work on Coolors. Man, technology really takes the hard work out of design sometimes!

Flower Graphic

Here’s how I lined everything up on my invitation.

You can see from how I used the invitation that there is plenty of room for all the text you’ll need to invite your friends to a party. I used the Lane Narrow font in white (obvs) with a 0.25 white outline stroke. I think the font does a good job of standing out without obliterating the pretty background.

I hope you find a use for this invitation template before the summer comes to a close. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, your summer’s on its way, so this should still be relevant if you stumble upon it three months from now. 🙂

If you can’t access the template using the links above, email me at

Thanks for reading! Also, this post wasn’t sponsored by Designspiration or Coolors…I just found out they existed and thought they were really great to recommend to other people, like you! 😀