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Summer Themed Invitation

DROPBOX LINK TO FILE          GOOGLE DRIVE LINK TO FILE Here’s a nifty little invitation I made for a summer gathering at my work. I got the inspiration for this design from Designspiration, a… Continue reading

Nicole’s Classes – Review

If you’ve ever looked into the cost associated with schooling to become a graphic designer, you’ll notice a few things: Entry into a program may require the completion of pre-requisite post-secondary courses The… Continue reading

Dignified Thank You Card

DROPBOX LINK TO FILE          GOOGLE DRIVE LINK TO FILE Yes, it’s plain. But isn’t plain really just a synonym for dignified? Modest perhaps? Dare I even say…classy? I had to make a thank… Continue reading

Gatsby/1920s Invitation Removed

Well hey! Just a quick update for any regulars to my site. I removed the Gatsby/1920s invitation template at the request of the original creator, Pretty With Ink Invites. It was made clear… Continue reading

Are We All Copying Eachother?

Here’s a Hanna off the cuff post, all about how I personally find myself lacking artistic creativity a lot of the time. This isn’t a new thing – it’s been with me since… Continue reading