Christmas Movies For The Rest Of Us

Great timing, Hanna. Post a Christmas related blog when Christmas is less than 12 hours away and in some places in the world has already happened. Slow clap for you. Anyways, is there… Continue reading

DIY Locking Diary

Well hey! This DIY comes courtesy of the confusing lack of diaries with locks in stores around me AND online. My husband’s niece requested a diary with a lock for Christmas, so we… Continue reading

Gatsby/1920s Invitation Removed

Well hey! Just a quick update for any regulars to my site. I removed the Gatsby/1920s invitation template at the request of the original creator, Pretty With Ink Invites. It was made clear… Continue reading

Are We All Copying Eachother?

Here’s a Hanna off the cuff post, all about how I personally find myself lacking artistic creativity a lot of the time. This isn’t a new thing – it’s been with me since… Continue reading

Late Summer Sunset Thank You Card

DROPBOX LINK TO ALL FILES          GOOGLE DRIVE LINK TO ALL FILES I seem to be doing a lot of thank you cards lately, which is good because there’s never really a bad time… Continue reading